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By Matthew Solle on 17/11/2015 — 1 min read

The old blog ‘You the User’ is now archived here.

As someone pretty smart said a while back (don’t remember who and maybe they didn’t say it quite like this), one should republish blog posts every few years as the same things need repeating and no one remembers them anyway.

So rather than actually republish here’s some links to some of the more recent things worth re/reading on You the User:

What am I doing here

Everything connects. Everything matters. However tenuous or minuscule.

My age of noise. Part One

An age of noise. A constant companion.

AX: Agent Experience Data log #1

Everything new and more complicated under the sun.

Year end notes (2011)

Just: Lessons and thoughts from two thousand and eleven.


If everything is the same conferences will just become dull, predictable and plain boring. We need diversity and challenges.


I often question myself. Why am I going to do this, why have I agreed to do that, where is that going to end up, is this the right thing to do?


I don’t trust anyone who isn’t tired of the conference circuit (overheard in Denver 2011).

Unlimited design

Our responsibilities in the face of our future in the interconnected network of (every)things.

Pot calling the kettle black

A fable

New Year’s Resolving (2010)

Is feeling bad about something all one’s life anything to particularly feel bad about?

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