When I’m running

By Matthew Solle on 17/11/2015 — 1 min read

I’m not always writing but I am planning and thinking and considering and sometimes that complexity ends up being writing.

Things can take shape, nothing just jumps to a page. The synchronisation of movement and meaning of words collects itself along the way. ‘What is the motive?’ ‘What is the outcome?’ It’s not always about writing words, it can be just about laying plans for words. Creating spaces for words. It’s ok if the words come later. In fact, sometimes it’s better if the words come later. All your nuances are your own.

I am not interested in when to start or when to stop (recognising glimmers of yourself in the reflection of the way ahead). Your difficulties and ambitions hiding just out of view. Sometimes behind you. Sometimes in front. I am interested in it being normal. Normal all the way to the sky.

Running is normalised when it is normal to run but to not run isn’t normal. I also like the idea of normalising doing things as well as normalising not doing things.

I am not interested in just learning to run, I’m interested in the experience of running where experience is enjoyable, learnable and trackable.

The knowledge must,
The knowledge is
The knowledge has to be.

(The tracking has to be with you not nagging.)

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