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After much talking, much thinking, and not a small amount of procrastination, I am calling an end to my design event organising. It’s been nigh on five years of stuff, some years almost relentlessly, others a bit more staccato. There’s even, like last year, been almost a theme. A whole strategy had formed around future possibilities but it never got out of the blocks. Sometimes it is just best to stop, especially when you aren’t even convinced you would attend your own event.

My favourite evenings

London IA:

February 2012 with Jeff Gothelf

December 2011 with Joe Muggs and Jim Kosem

October 2011 with Ben Bashford and Jonty Sharples

April 2011 with Michael Blastland and Chris Heathcote

January 2011 with Jason Mesut and Mark Plant

November 2009 Max Gadney, Richard Sedley, Jason Mesut, Oliver Reichenstein (special mention to Martin Belam’s efforts to video Max and managing to host Oliver’s talk on Skype over a 3G dongle in a basement)

This is LDNIA:

April 2013 with Rev Dan Catt and Matt Ward

Special mentions have to go to Joe Muggs and Matthew De Abaitua for talks that went beyond a slidedeck. A privilege.

And the posters I like

London IA:

November 2010

February 2011

October 2011

November 2011

April 2012

May 2012

This is LDNIA

August 2013

November 2013

Also a thank you to all the people who have been a big support, providing either money or space: Raj Panjwani, Sense Loft, Nick Cochrane, Zebra People, Jonty Sharples, Albion London

and so mind the doors, mind the doors, mind the doors (maybe I’ll start organising gigs again).

//somewhere in england

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